About Us

Crawford International School will be opening its doors to students at our new state of the art facilities in Tatu City, Nairobi, Kenya on 4 September 2018. Crawford International School is aligned with CrawfordSchools™ that has been a proud leader in progressive and high-end private education in South Africa since 1993.

CrawfordSchools™ boasts nineteen of the top achieving private schools in South Africa. Together we have challenged every traditional and conventional practice in education in South Africa with great success. In the process we have assisted thousands of Crawford students to enter the tertiary space with a solid, internationally focussed and sound academic foundation. More-ever, our students, or “Crawfordians” as they are known, develop a strong sense of empathy, understanding and respect towards their fellow human beings due to our unique approach to education. This unique approach has assisted our students to develop a stronger self-confidence as they adapt much easier to the challenges of the post-school world.  Crawford International will adopt the same approach to assist our Crawfordians in our Kenyan school.

Education is never a static process and Crawford constantly reassesses curriculum and teaching approaches, adapting to the child’s needs and aligning with global goals and trends. Crawford International School is a trailblazer in innovative and forward-thinking education. Every student is acknowledged and offered the opportunity to excel. The mottos “Every Child a Masterpiece” and “Commitment to Excellence” underpins all. The child-centred approach ensures that our students examine and realise their own potential.

Crawford International School offers an academic foundation of the highest order and ensures that each student is developed into a fully-rounded individual whilst being skilled to interact in a collaborative manner. Cultural success in Arts, Music, Dance and Drama, is a cornerstone of the education that we provide, while sport is enjoyed by every sports-loving student and community involvement is celebrated by every civic-minded citizen.


Apply Now

Applications for the 2018/2019 academic year, commencing in September 2018, are now being accepted. Grades will be offered subject to demand. For assistance with the application procedure, kindly contact the office telephonically on +254 708 995 242 or by email jcoetzee@crawfordschools.co.za

Crawford International School is committed to developing leaders through various leadership programs and encouraging interaction on various levels.  In the classroom, on the sports field or in the cultural arena there are many different roles that students can fill that allows them to work with others in a more collaborative way. This is achieved by a strong differentiated leadership program developed for each year. 

The digital age demands collaboration across networks and leading by influence. Not every person is born a natural leader. However, the ability to lead others can definitely help a person to advance and become successful in their chosen career. In almost every vocation the ability to work closely and harmoniously with others is highly valued.

Of paramount importance is academic excellence delivered by hand-picked, expert teachers and support staff. We select and support teachers who will inspire, enthuse and encourage students to the highest levels of their ability, to maximise their potential. Ongoing and continuous reflections, feedback and development of our staff is therefore part of the critical staff-focussed support functions that the organisations offers to ensure that our staff remains at the cutting edge of internationally accepted educational practices.

Crawford International School aims to continue the legacy of Crawfordians that are actively head-hunted by top universities in the US, UK, Canada and Australia for their academic skills, innovativeness and ability to think and work independently. We have therefore proud and strong relations with all the Ivy League Universities which uses our campuses in South Africa as their base to interview and assess potential students for tertiary education. Crawford International School, Tatu City will continue with this proud tradition and leverage this unique relationship with the Ivy League Universities

Crawford International prepares students in the best way possible for life!

"Education is never a static process and Crawford constantly reassesses curriculum and teaching approaches, adapting to the child’s needs and aligning with global goals and trends"