Assessment is the process of gathering valid and reliable information about the performance of a student on an ongoing basis, against clearly defined criteria. Crawford International School uses a variety of methods, tools, techniques and contexts, recording the findings, reflecting and reporting by giving positive, supportive and motivational feedback to students and parents.

The general aim of assessing students is for growth, development and support. The purpose of assessment is to monitor a student’s progress so that decisions can be made about the best way to facilitate further learning in terms of expected knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.

Various tools are used for assessment. They include self-assessment, interviews, group assessment, observation and portfolio work. Examinations are one of the methods used to assess a student’s progress, allowing also for national and international benchmarking. Feedback of assessments are given to parents by means of termly reports which are summative as well as formative. Students’ progress is tracked and interventions are put in place to assist and support students. While students are taught study methods for such formal assessments they are also taught to work cooperatively in a range of formal areas, such as shared research, observation and reporting.

Crawford is known for its nurturing environment and a program of support will be available to assist student with learning barriers.